Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bears have fleas !

     It was a beautiful early summer day and we had a heavy dew the night  before. The ground was in good shape for moving in the woods quietly. As I walked off of an old logging trail and into the undergrowth, finding a place to lay up for a bit to judge the impact of me being in the environment and if I was disturbing  the wildlife in the area, was on my mind. As I found a place to sit tight, I could hear a black bear padding around through the undergrowth. If you have never heard that before. Imagine a human going barefoot through the woods without snapping any twigs and just compressing the leaf litter on the forest floor.

     Finding a spot to sit tight for a bit. I laid down with my hands behind my head and listened to the bear sounds fade away. After about 15 minutes the bird and woods sound did not change so I figured that local wildlife was not disturbed by the two legged addition to the neighborhood. As I started to get up I felt something bite my neck. A flea. Hmmm ? A blasted flea ! As I stood up it dawned on me that the area I was laying in looked like a nest. That poor bear !  I kicked it out of it's bed. Ooop's ! 

     Now that started a good natured game of peak a boo. Because by the time I was standing all of the way up there was a big black head popping up out of the bushes about 35 yards away and disappearing just as fast.  Sooo I walked off toward some higher terrain and went about my scouting for a place to set a photography tree stand up high so I could see over all of that undergrowth. After covering about a 1/4 mile  and coming out of some more thickets,  I had the feeling that I had a shadow for some time. It was a warm day and it did not surprise me to hear the bear breathing, Hu Hu Huu. Somewhere close behind me in the thicket's . Not being able to resist  messing  with it.  I said " I can hear you ! " That ended the loud breathing. The bear  was still in the thickets.
     I was heading out to another old logging trail and knew it did not want to show it's self or get caught goofing off again. So I just ignored my back trail and headed back to the main trail.  Curiosity, got the best of me so I circled around and did a quick walk through the area. This time things were quiet so I figured the bear was done playing peek a boo and laying low. But before I circled around I made sure I walked through a muddy spot just after the thickets and when I made it back to that spot there was track from my friend, A front paw track, right in my shoe print that was as wide or wider then the tracks left by my size 14's. 

     So, there is a big scary bear story.  Well, not scary at all. Because we were both just curious. Scare you out of you socks, is when you almost step on one and it bug's out. That is when you realize how fast they really are. Because they will go for zero to 30 miles per hour before your feet hit the ground again after you jump. But that is another story.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

Finding the Andromeda Galaxy

The idea of this blog is to keep things simple. Not be scientific.  This is for the backyard star gazers or the folks at the campfire that wonder . " What is that fuzzy thing up there ? "  We all look at the sky at night with wonder.  It is my hope that this blog will take some of the frustration out of getting to know the sky at night and put more fun into it. 

 The photo that goes along with it is your guild to finding the constellation of Cassiopeia the big W in the sky and the Andromeda Galaxy as you will see, that it points to.  This can be seen with just your eyes from a spot that is pretty dark.

The Andromeda Galaxy is 6 times wider then the full moon from our vantage point here on earth. But it is best seen when no moon is in the sky because it is faint. I have seen it and it's 2 companion galaxies with off the shelf binoculars.  A pair of 10x50's of the discount store variety.  The 10x 50 numbers mean, 10 times magnification and 50mm (millimeter) diameter lenses or about 2 inch lenses.

Ooops ! I almost forgot about the double cluster in Perseus.  We wont get into the constellation right now because part of it is that group  stars that are bottom center in the photo.  These are open star clusters located just down from our W. These to can be seen with just the eye alone or  a pair of binoculars.

They are in the North East  at nightfall and rising fast as Fall progresses.  By 3:00 A.M. They are over head.  

Happy Hunting !

Friday, August 12, 2011

Aurora Borealis

Taken from Hubbell, Michigan on 8/8/2011.  This time of night is my supper time and I will write more some time soon.

This is a Blog test !

The clouds are  starting to block out the southern Milky way in this shot.  My front yard is still not to bad as an observing spot. 

It has always been said that a picture is worth 1000 words. Im not very talkative today. :-)